DeTech Firesense Technologies Inc. Executive is Safety Expert

DeTech Firesense Technologies Inc. Executive is Safety Expert

Many individuals don’t recognize that one of the DeTech executives is probably going among the top home fire safety experts in the country. Bill Driscoll, the V . p . of Dealer Development at DeTech has spent 28 years within the fire safety field and his study and experience unquestionably qualifies him as a possible expert in the fire safety industry.

Bill started at the ground level, making recommendations and installing quality fire protection in residential homes back in 1984. Since that time, he's made over three thousand home recommendations and personally installed fire protection in almost 2000 homes. This was only first, but it was the bottom for his unusual understanding for today’s codes and his unique insight into what constitutes complete protection for any family. In 1986, he became a member of the educational area of the National Fire Protection Association and is still a part and active in studying the writings and teachings from the NFPA. Bill also is registered being a community safety educator with the U.S. Fire Administration, part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Because of his vast experience and knowledge, and the fact that many consider him to become a real “hands on, common-sense” safety expert, he has been inspired to talk with over 1000 groups on the subject of fire safety. This includes many civic groups, businesses, schools, churches and several fire departments. Bill continues speaking to about 50 groups each year and remarkably, still offers his speaking services for free in the neighborhood.

Bill also has written thousands of pages of study manuals, and countless articles on the subject of fire safety and training. Beyond that, you'll find dozens of videos, a few of which are available on You-Tube. Throughout an interview, Bill Driscoll said, “I think that if you truly want to be considered a hearth safety expert, you must have practical field experience, you have to always be a student yourself, and also you must become a teacher. Honestly, I do believe since i have began teaching, We have learned the most”.

Bill includes a vast library of fire safety information, almost all of that is associated with home fire safety. Bill says his favorite reading is one of the history of fire protection, not just in the U.S., however in the planet. He mentioned that he believes the best barometer of future needs are learned by checking past.

Detech Firesense Technologies Inc

DeTech, Incorporated is fortunate to have their own, in-house safety expert to coach their staff as well as their independent dealers and safety consultants over the United states of america.

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